CE Marking

Since 1 July 2014, all steel frames used in the UK must be CE Marked and all RIDBA members who manufacture frames have met the legal requirements to CE Mark their relevant products.

This requires the Frame Manufacturer (FM) to correctly design the building to the relevant standards and have a factory quality control system in place which complies with the requirements of BS EN 1090-1.

Both the FM’s design process and their Factory Quality Control (FQC) systems are checked on an annual basis by a Notified Body (NB), accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service. Following the initial assessment by the NB, the FM is accredited to CE Mark their frames and their compliance is then checked bi-annually by the NB.

To help its steel frame Corporate Member FMs comply with the requirements, RIDBA developed a Design Protocol (DP) and a Factory Quality Control Manual (FQCM) for them.

Below are links to a number of articles which explain the situation in more detail.


• CE Marking enforcement

• An introduction to CE Marking by BM TRADA

“A video that highlights a farmer’s problem in deciding whether the frame manufacturer he has asked to quote for his building is competent. This farmer went out to 3 frame manufactures for prices, he did not choose the cheapest but the one he thought was the best. The building was erected and paid for but before any cows were put in the snow fell and with only 43 cm on the roof the building collapsed without warning. The video shows some of the poor detailing and design which caused the collapse and gives some pointers to farmers as to how to check the competence of a frame manufacturer.”

• Competent Manufacturer Video (90MB)

• Competent Manufacturer Video (180MB)

The following presentation given at the 2011 Agricultural Building Show confirms that CE Marking for all frames will be required by July 2014 and shows how RIDBA is helping to reduce the costs of compliance for its members:

• CE Marking presentation

• Defining Quality Requirements for Fusion Welding of Steel Structures

• Welding for CE Marking and how RIDBA will help Members

• CE Marking update from March issue of the RIDBA Journal "Countryside Building" (PDF)