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RIDBA Net Rigging Training Cards

The RIDBA Board has decided that RIDBA will no longer issue Net Rigging Training Cards. This card is not recognised by the industry as a competence card and does not comply with the industry decision to support cards carrying the CSCS logo. FASET Net Rigger Training is the only training that will result in a CSCS Net Rigger card, and as such, they licence training through registered centres in the UK who have to meet the standards set by FASET.

Useful Publications from the Advisory Committee for Roofsafety (ACR)

The Advisory Committee for Roofsafety (previously known as the Advisory Committee for Roofwork) is a body dedicated to making working on roofs safer. It was established in 1998 and is made up of nominees from Trade Associations and Organisations involved in Roofwork who provide the experience of many years of involvement in working on roofs in the advice given in their documents. RIDBA has been involved in developing the following documents and recommends that all members take time to look at these:

The Red Book – Test for Non-Fragility

This publication describes a test standard which can be applied to any product which will form a roof or part of a roof and is intended to provide information about whether it can support the instantaneous loads imposed on it by a person stumbling or falling on it.

The Orange Book – Safe Work Guide

This guide gives practical advice on the duties placed on clients, contractors, designers and manufacturers and includes recommendations for good practice in roof safety while working on roofs. It concentrates on profiled roofs.

The Green Book – Fragile Roof Guide

Working on a fragile roofs is an extremely hazardous activity. Even a simple inspection is highly dangerous without adequate knowledge and planning. This is confirmed by the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE’s) accident statistics. Many of these accidents happened because the people carrying out the work or the inspection were not competent to do so. Consequently, the work was carried out without the necessary planning or management and, often, without suitable equipment.

The ACR website provides other publications and guidance notes. For advice on training or related questions contact

Advice notes written by ADAS, RIDBA, MAFF & the Environment Agency, giving 'Guidance on Construction, Repair and Maintenance' of:

  • CGN 100 July 2000, 'Organising Contracts for Farm Waste Structures'
  • CGN 001 July 2000, 'Above-Ground Circular Concrete and Rectangular Weeping-Wall Slurry Stores'
  • CGN 002 July 2000, 'Earth-Banked Slurry Stores'
  • CGN 003 July 2000, 'In-Situ Concrete Slurry Stores'
  • CGN 004 July 2000, 'Above-Ground Circular Steel Slurry Stores'
  • CGN 005 July 2000, 'Silage Clamps and Effluent Tanks'
  • CGN 006 July 2000, 'Sheep Dip Handling Facilities and Drainage Yards'
  • CGN 007 July 2000, 'Chemical Pesticide Stores'
  • CGN 008 July 2000, 'Separation of Clean and Dirty Water - Dirty Water Storage - Yard Area Construction'
  • CGN 009 July 2000, 'Bunds for Agricultural Fuel Tanks'
  • CGN 010 March 2001 ‘Sluice valves on steel and concrete circular above-ground slurry stores’

If you require any of the advice notes contact

The British Standard that covers farm buildings is BS5502. Find the part that you need: BS5502 Abstracts