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The Rural and Industrial Design and Building Association (RIDBA) is the leading trade association for the modern agriculture and industrial buildings industry in the UK.

RIDBA provides a strong collective voice for the sector, representing member views to the wider industry including, government, leading client organisations and other key stakeholders.

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Before the Farm Buildings Association (FBA) was formed in 1956, the standard of farm buildings was so poor that it was not uncommon for 50% of fattening pigs to die due to the awful conditions in which they were housed. FBA founders, David Soutar, W.E. Cave and John Mackie recognised the lack of advice, research and information on farm buildings, so formed the FBA.

In 2005, the FBA became RIDBA as it is known today in order to recognise that the differences in construction practices between industrial and farm buildings was reducing all the time, and the fact that many members were involved in both.

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